Friday, July 9, 2010

android phone

My phone’s ringing. I answered it and heard distorted and hoarse voices on the other line. I know who is calling as the name appears on my screen say that it’s my grade school friend. I try to figure out his message but to no avail, my phone’s not working. So I told him that I cannot understand him and dropped the call. Sigh. He might have been disappointed since this is not the first time that this happened. Later that night, I’ve send him a message stating what went wrong with our conversation and still no reply after some time. He might have been so disappointed! Days later, a friend of ours told me that I’ve asked who he was when he called. He might not have also heard me right. Sigh again.

One time, an officemate asked me if I have received the mms that she have sent during the holidays and politely answered her “no”. She then said that is why there was no reply and even said what a low tech phone I own! Lol!

These are some of the bloopers I’ve encountered. So far my phone is still beeping and just shuts down unexpectedly sometime. But still I’m sticking with my phone’s uniqueness until I can find a better reason to replace it. Will the Android Phone be good enough for me?? Keeping my fingers crossed! See you soon Android! (just thinking positive);)

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  1. Wooooooot! yeah it's good enough for you! Thanks for joining the contest and I hope you'll win! :D